GTS is the ideal solution if no particular insulation is required e.g. in larger, unheated halls, atriums, bus and train stations or commercial centres.

Like VITRAL´s other glass roof systems GTS is characterised by slim frames, concealed opening mechanisms and an extremely flexible and functional design which is easy to install. Furthermore every second panel can be turned into a vent. And finally GTS is easy on the budget.

GTS panels may be adjusted and finished according to specifications and options include single pitch, double pitch and pyramid roof lights. GTS may also be installed vertically.

Product information

  • With VITRAL's slim slightlines being only 48mm in section it offers one of the most discreet systems available, its quick to install, as with all VITRAL roof glazing systems and is cost competitive.
  • It is worth considering if ventilation is required for unheated atriums. With single glazing condensation can often occur, especially on warm sunny days. To overcome this it is worth having natural ventilation.
  • VITRAL GTS roof windows are ideal for faceted roof glazing as it can form a curve with no additional structure. The system's design allows us to open the sections to a hip or valley between each panel to follow the curve of the rooflight.
  • Every other roof window panel can be opening, and the only addition to the system is the actuator.
  • Unheated Atriums - some buildings need a central area covered, quite often some time after the building has been completed. VITRAL GTS atrium glazing is ideal for this solution for all the reasons that VITRAL has become so popular, slim sightlines and quick and cheaper to install and cost competitive.
  • GTS rooflight system comes with 5 years warranty and 2 years warranty for opening mechanisms.