VRS is a panel based glass roof system with profiles in stainless steel. The VRS rooflight is characterised by a modern and exclusive design, as well as slim and shallow profiles. With over 50 years of experience brought to bear in the design and production of the VRS rooflight system, you can be assured of a life time of flawless performance. Furthermore, introduction of the new EN12101-2:2002 legislation across Europe is placing heavy demands on specifier and supplier alike. The stainless steel VRS rooflight system achieves full compliance with every aspect of the legislation without sacrificing aesthetics or performance.

Product information

  • U-value - VRS roof light system with double glazed units has U-value of 1.5 W/m²K and U-value of 1.0 W/m²K for triple glazed units.
  • Glass - VRS glass roof system uses low 'e' insulated glass units with Argon fill and "warm edge" spacer profile. All panels uses toughened over laminated safety units. Finish – VRS roof glazing is produced in stainless steel colour (finish). VITRAL VRS is also available with triple glazed low 'e' insulated glass units with Krypton fill and "warm edge" spaces profile. Panel size depends on pitch and other static conditions.
  • Dimensions, possibilities and limitations – VRS skylights can be delivered as single pitch or double pitch, gables, hips, valleys and pyramids, in laid roof lights, single or multiple tier. Profile dimensions: height - 90 mm and width - 48 mm. Panel dimensions: height - 260-3200 mm; width - 260-1200 mm; panel area - max. 2.5 m². Installation pitch - Single pitch roof light: 15-90°, Double pitch roof light: 25-60° (15° if fully supported).
  • Panel size depends on pitch and other static conditions. VITRAL perform static calculations for every project.
  • VRS roof glazing system comes with a 5 year warranty and a 2 year warranty for opening mechanisms.
  • Materials - VRS rooflight system is made of glass, stainless steel (AISI 316), plastic, aluminium and rubber. Stainless steel framing provides superior weather resistance. The frames are thermally broken with an integrated PUR core. All materials are recyclable.
  • Ventilation - minimal framing maximises light penetration. VITRAL VRS opening panels can be top or bottom hung for natural ventilation and life safety smoke evacuation.
  • Certifications - VRS glass roof system is CE-marked (DS/EN14351-1). VRS can also be part of the building’s fire strategy - EN12101-2 Natural Smoke and Fire Ventilation.
  • A complete range multi-coated solar control options are available to suit the project.