Advanced, innovate and proven

When you’ve developed a product with potential to change the way rooflights are designed, specified, installed and operated for years to come, you’re bound to use bold descriptors, such as the three keywords above. As we’ve begun to describe just how special our rooflights are, though, it’s become abundantly clear that they more than live up to these descriptors.

When VELUX modular skylights were first introduced in 2011, they were the first prefabricated rooflights, incorporating high energy performance, thermal stability and great strength in a slim and fully integrated design. Since then, our modular skylight systems have established themselves as the most innovative on the market and are now the proven choice in commercial buildings throughout Europe.

Daylight solutions for sustainable buildings

Understanding how the indoor climate impacts health and comfort is vital to new building design, as well as, renovation projects. The modular features of our rooflights make it possible to achieve the best product classifications.

 Quite simple with a curved and slim design

Venting modules are fitted with a fully integrated chain actuator that allows automatic ventilation in the room. The actuator can be connected to an intelligent control system that closes the module automatically in case of rain or strong winds. In the closed position, there's no visual difference between fixed and venting modules.

 Advanced daylight and heat control with integrated roller blinds

Specially designed roller blinds (optional) protect against solar glare and excessive heating. The fully integrated blinds employ thin wires to hover beneath the pane, creating the sensation of a free-floating window shade. Blinds are automatic and can be programmed to respond to luminosity and temperature.

Choose between several intelligent control options

VELUX INTEGRA® uses the INTEGRA wall-switch to operate venting modules and blinds. Alternatively, the modular skylight system can be controlled with an open system solution, connected to ± 24 V DC. Options include io-home control® compatible systems and common building automation fieldbus systems

For the VELUX VMS Main Brochure – please click here (pdf, 22Mb)