VITRAL has developed a new sustainable, large format glass roof system named A98. The name refers both to the panel material, which is aluminium, and to the depth of the profile which is only 98mm.

Product information

  • U-value - 0.79 W/m²K for the complete framed panel. Glass - 0.5 W/m²K.
  • Glass - A98 is supplied with triple glazed super low 'e' coated units, with warm edge spacers and argon filled cavities. A range of multi-coated solar control options are available to suit the project.
  • Ventilation - it is possible for every second panel to be a vent. Concealed motor for opening - actuator embedded within panels as standard. panels may also be opened using surface mounted actuators.
  • Certifications - A98 is CE marked in accordance with BS/EN14351-1.
  • Materials - A98 is made of glass, aluminium, plastic and rubber. The frame profiles are thermally broken with an embedded PUR core. All materials are recyclable.
  • Finish - A98 is available in a natural anodised or polyester powder coated finish, in the RAL colour of your choice.
  • Dimensions, possibilities and limitations - height: 98mm; width: 52 mm. Panel dimensions - height: 260-3500 mm; width: 260-1200 mm. Panel area - max: 3.0 m². Installation slopes - pitched: 15°-90°; gabled: 25°-60°.
  • A98 is available as single pitch, double pitch and pyramid roof lights, with a wide range of options for gables, multi-tier, valleys and hips. A98 may also be installed vertically.