Bespoke glass system with prefabricated panels

VELUX Glazing Panels are ideal for creating bespoke daylight solutions for public and commercial buildings as they are

  • Flexible when designing
  • Prefabricated yet bespoke
  • Ideal for refurbishment

VELUX Glazing Panels allow you to design almost anything, thereby creating your own bespoke glass system - ideal for creating special corner solutions, glass gables and pyramids. The elegantly designed aluminium profiles are thermally broken with a polyurethane core. The bespoke nature of panels makes them ideal for refurbishment projects as they can be designed to fit an already existing hole in the roof. The individual panel is prefabricated off-site. It is delivered assembled with the glazing unit sealed into the frame, ready to be installed together with the accessories creating a high quality and weather-tight solution.

VELUX Glazing Panels are available as fixed and venting panels and can be configured with either double glazing or triple glazing providing various design opportunities. All venting panels are top- hung and are available in comfort and smoke ventilation versions. In closed position, there is no visible difference between a fixed and a venting panel from the outside. Additionally, a fixed panel can easily be converted to provide ventilation by post-installing an actuator and a crossbar.

For the VELUX VGP Main Brochure – please click here (pdf, 8.5Mb)